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Local Growers

Welcome to our “Out of the Ground” grower series

We invite you to join us on a journey that delves into the heart of Ireland’s farm, fields and Growers. Here, we unveil the processes that ensure your local fruits and vegetables arrive on your table in season and as tasty and fresh as possible. This behind-the-scenes adventure explores the care, dedication, innovation and family heritage that fuels our local Irish grower network across the country.

  • Kells, Co. Meath Mushroom

    Karen & John Kerrigan

    Kerrigan's Mushrooms

  • Malahide, Co. Dublin Cabbage

    Leo Murphy

    Leo Murphy Produce Ltd

  • Rush, Co. Dublin Lettuce

    Alan McCann

    Morning Fresh Farm Ltd

  • Lusk, Co. Dublin Cauliflower

    Ger & Lorcan Harford

    G.D.L Harford

  • Rush, Co. Dublin Strawberries

    Joe Mc Guinness

    Sunglow Nurseries

  • Rush, Co. Dublin Tomato

    Matt Foley

    Kilbush Nurseries

  • St.Margaret’s, Co. Dublin Apple

    Robert Bradshaw

    Keeling’s Farms