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The Life is Better with Fruit and Vegetables campaign aims to share fun, educational, and feel-good information to help you live life better by eating more fruit and vegetables.

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Eating more fruit and vegetables is great for your body, your mind, and the planet.

The Life is Better with Fruit and Vegetables campaign has a focus on millennials. Our aim is to share fun, educational, and feel-good information to help you live life better by eating more fruit and vegetables.

This EU-funded, multi-country campaign involves Ireland, France, as well as other EU countries and will rely on a combination of digital advertising, influencer engagement, and experiential events to reach our audience.

The campaign runs from March 2022 to February 2025 and is implemented by Bord Bia - the Irish Food Board in Ireland, Interfel and AIB in France and Freshfel Europe.


Life is Better with Fruit & Vegetables manifesto

For breakfast to energise your early morning.

For a tasty lunch on the go.

For a quick dinner with your family.

For sharing brunches with your friends to catch up.

For an easy snack at your desk.

For laughing at a picnic in the park.

For meals made up of whatever is left in the fridge.


For passionate growers who work tirelessly

For your body, for your soul, for the planet.

For big memorable days in your life.

And for the days you need to feel the comfort of home.


For old favourites and for things that are new to you,

For your food, your way.

Whenever you want it, with whoever you want.


For every day.


Life is better, with fruits and vegetables.



Fruit and vegetables can fuel your body for anything. Paired with physical and mental activity, they make you feel good! Fruit and vegetables should be at the centre of a healthy diet and lifestyle.



Fresh, locally grown fruit and vegetables are the best for flavour and taste.



Eating more locally grown fruit and vegetables is good for you and good for the planet.

In Season<

In Season

Fruit and vegetables taste their best in-season and are at their nutritious best when harvested fresh from the field close to where they were grown.

Simple & Convenient <

Simple & Convenient

Easy to eat and prepare, enjoy them anytime. Fruit and vegetables are great at breakfast, lunch, dinner or for a snack!

Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board, was established in 1994 as the Irish national food marketing and promotion agency working at home and abroad. Fresh produce promotions are a core activity of Bord Bia.

AIB is the French interbranch organization for bananas. It brings together professional organizations representing the sector: producers, importers, ripeners, wholesalers, and specialised retailers in fruit and vegetables.

INTERFEL is the organizational interbranch association of fresh fruit and vegetables. Founded in 1976, it regroups 15 professional member organizations across the sector: production, shipping, import, export, wholesale, and distribution.

Freshfel Europe, the European Fresh Produce Association, is the forum of the fresh fruit and vegetable supply chain in Europe and beyond and is the leading fresh fruit and vegetable organization in Europe.

Our Ambassadors

Kwanghi Chan

Kwanghi Chan

Gastro Gays

Gastro Gays

Rachel Hornibrook

Rachel Hornibrook

Eoin Sheehan

Eoin Sheehan

Ciara Turley

Ciara Turley

Erica Drumie

Erica Drumie